Robyn Wishna

Project Director/Photographer
Robyn Wishna was born in Hawaii (it was a territory and Obama was born in same hospital).  She loves this community and has lived here on and off for more than 35 years, many spent documenting our town. She is crazy lucky to have been given the opportunity to direct this project and looks forward to meeting and photographing hundreds of Ithacans.

Julia Tricolla

Website Designer
Julia Tricolla is a third-year communication management design major at Ithaca College. Julia is multimedia editor for Buzzsaw Magazine. Julia has worked on many projects as website designer, graphic designer and organizational coordinator.  

Elena Piech

Community Coordinator
Elena Piech is a third-year emerging media major at Ithaca College. By combining her passions for portrait photography and spending too much time on social media, Elena is one of the Community Coordinators for We Are Ithaca. Find out about upcoming shoots and events by following @WeAreIthaca on Instagram and Twitter and liking We Are Ithaca on Facebook.

Benjamin Torrey

Associate Producer
Benjamin Torrey is a videographer, photographer, and graphic designer who's been an active member of the local music scene since 2014. Benjamin currently volunteers as a member of the Ithaca Underground booking committee. The word "twee" is tattooed on his left hand, and this was maybe a mistake.

Anna Gardner

Community Coordinator
Anna Gardner is a third-year student at Ithaca College studying Film, Photography, and Visual Art (BFA) and Art History (BA). As a volunteer for various organizations in the Ithaca community, Anna is excited to engage with Ithaca residents as one of the Community Coordinators for We Are Ithaca.

Dierdre Cunningham

Project Associate
As a free-lance journalist for Ithaca Times, a writer and editor, Deirdre Cunningham is thrilled with the opportunity to work with photographer Robyn Wishna and others affiliated with the "We Are Ithaca" community portrait project.

Karen Adams

Project Associate
Karen Adams has worked in Ithaca schools for years! Karen is excited to greet each of you when you arrive for your photo shoot with We Are Ithaca.

Ciana Ellison

Project Associate
Ciana Ellison is an eighth grade student at Lehman Alternative Community School.  Ciana is excited to be  be working with We Are Ithaca as a service to her community.

Christian Savini

Associate Producer
Christian is a senior film, photography, and visual arts major at Ithaca College. Primarily working in documentary, he will be creating films that documents the project as it unfolds, as well as assisting photo shoots.



Barbara Mitchell

Project Associate
Barbara Mitchell has lived in Ithaca for over 30 years! Ithaca is full of so many wonderful people. Being involved with We Are Ithaca gives Barbara the opportunity to meet many more!

Simon Wheeler

Associate Producer/Videographer
After more than 15 years as a photographer and photo editor at The Ithaca Journal, Simon Wheeler is an independent photographer at  He lives in Fall Creek with his wife Kathleen, and two opinionated cats.

Elise Skalwold

Project Associate
Elise Skalwold is an associate editor of a quarterly journal column focused on
photomicrography,  internationally recognized author and speaker, and a published photographer in the sciences. She has lived in the
Ithaca area for nearly 40 years and has a keen interest in the "We Are Ithaca"
project’s unique vision which celebrates both individuality and community.